Some Frequently Asked Questions about ukpowergeneration.info

Q. Isn't this a rip-off of Daniel Curtis's site?

A. I based thie site on Daniel Curtis's, because I found it extremely useful. When it stopped updating I took it upon myself to recreate the site and add to it by displaying the data at different time periods.

Q. Wind values are lower than we think.

A. The data presented is from the National Grid balancing data. Embedded or distributed prodcution data is not included as it does not enter the National Grid balancing mechanism. It is estimated that as much as a third to a half extra power is generated by embedded wind

Q. I don't believe this data

A. Data is sourced from here, only basic manipulation of the data for display is performed.

Q. The period average, minimum and maximum values are incorrect

A. Many browsers and proxy networks cache static data, try refreshing the browser chache (hit F5) and the values should update

Q. Can you add Solar generation?

A. This is not in the Natinal Grid BM source data, I'm looking for another source to provide this. DECC publish monthly solar data for embedded power, this will be combinded with natinal sunlight hrs data to give estimated real-time solar production

Q. The percentages do not add up to 100% of demand

A. The source data does not add up excatly to 100%, I'm trying to investigate this, I suspect it is because very small scale generation is not included

Q. Will the site be expanded?

A. Yes, I plan to add in relevant stats on uk power generation for comparision, e.g. number of wind turbines, CO2 levels, CET (Central England Temperature)

Q. What are the ICTs?

A. Currently the UK has four interconnectors connecting it to France, Holland, Northern and Southern Ireland.

  • French Interconnector. This is a 2GW bidirectional connector.
  • Dutch Interconnector. This is a 1GW bidirectional connector.
  • Moyle Interconnector. This is a 500MW bidirectional connector from Scotland to N Ireland.
  • East-West Interconnector. This is a 500MW bidirectional connector from Wales to the Irish Republic.
  • Q. Monthly data is for the first of the month only

    A. No it isn't, due to a bug with dygraphs running on IE the date display has to include a day value, this defaults to 01